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  • There are a total of 8 statements.
  • Each statement is accompanied by a continuum, at the ends of which are two extreme response options.
  • The slider is placed at the mid point mark, by default.
  • You have to move the slider in the direction of your preferred response option, indicating the degree to which you agree with it.
  • If for any statement, you don't wish to move the slider, you can leave it at the mid-point, a dialog box will appear reconfirming that you do not wish to change your rating, press ok and that will be considered as your preferred answer for that statement.

1. I enjoy:

Mid Point

Structure and safety

Ambiguity and turbulence

2. The role of a leader is about:

Mid Point

Getting results

Inspiring and Motivating

3. I prefer:

Mid Point

Minute planning

High level Facilitation

4. What motivates people better:

Mid Point

Rewards & Punishment

Charisma & Enthusiasm

5. My core strength is:

Mid Point



6. Which is a better strategy:

Mid Point

Having strict SOPs (Standard Operating procedures)

Allowing people to be creative

7. The role of a leader is about:

Mid Point

Facilitating work

Facilitating positive communication between team members

8. Which is the more appropriate question:

Mid Point

Who is responsible for failing to achieve the goal?

Who is responsible for achieving the goal?

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