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Case Study Psyft Personality Assessment (PPA) Recruitment & Selection



Hiring dynamic associates with the ability to step up to client acquisition and engagement responsibilities.


We suggested administering the PPA to help obtain an understanding on how candidates are likely to behave in their specific roles after they join, how they are likely to act and communicate with the client and their own teams. The tool was also suggested to provide a comprehensive analysis of individual traits through the lens of the Universal Competency Framework.


Upon taking the PPA, one candidate was found to be leaning towards extreme emotional sensitivity, marked by high levels of self-consciousness and anxiety. This was a definite red flag for the role and the Client was informed of the risks. However, the Client chose to override the results in case of this individual and hired him purely for his technical skill.

A year after administration, during our follow up reviews, the Client confirmed the accuracy of the assessment as the employee was unable to perform his role effectively, despite having all the knowledge and support. The PPA has since become a regular part of hiring process at this firm and has helped the Client avoid such glaring hiring errors.