About Us

What is Psyft?

Verb - pronounced /sift/; meaning "To examine critically or minutely; to scrutinize; to separate or part as if with a sieve; to separate with a sieve, the fine part of a substance from the coarse."

Psyft is an online testing suite, a one-stop-shop for all the psychological assessment needs of a professional or an organization. We plan to bring to you a wide array of assessment tools - from skill & aptitude testing to behavioral profiling; from cognitive exercises to leadership potential mapping.

Our goal is to provide an effective and affordable way to recruit talented people for your business and to develop your existing talent.

What is Assessment?

Assessment is the process of documenting, usually in measurable terms, knowledge, skills, attitudes, beliefs and overall behavior.Assessment can focus on the individual, the community (team, class or workshop) or the organization as a whole.

In simpler words, it is an attempt at giving you a peek into the lesser known/visible elements that make a person who he is.

Why do we need Psyft?

To avoid being square pegs in round holes!

Undoubtedly, our behavior plays as important a role in our workplace performance, as our skill or training. Yet, while we go to great lengths to acquire the right skill set and training for the job - we tend to grossly ignore behavioral requirements, which eventually may render useless the best of training. Psyft helps you uncover both your unique strengths and deficit areas. So that you approach your career with a clear understanding of what makes you tick.

To avoid bad hires

As an employer how many times have you hired someone on the basis of a college degree, only to later find severe on-the-job skill deficit? Psyft gives you the opportunity to rule out such possibilities by doing a thorough check of the current skill level and the aptitude of an applicant right at the beginning of the hiring process.

To discover development potential in your employees

According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers survey 83% of CEOs believe that the workforce is the single largest expense for their business. It, thus, makes sense to know if you are investing in the right people. Psyft helps you zero in on the people who really matter.

Who is Psyft designed for?

Professionals & Executives who wish to gain a deep insight into their psychological make up - what makes them work the way they do. Psyft's array of assessments will help you discover the strengths you should be playing on and the areas that need some polish.

HR Heads & Decision Makers who wish to understand their workforce - what motivates whom, who works best in a team and who is better left alone, who should be groomed for leadership roles. In short, Psyft puts you on track to drawing the optimum performance from your employees.

About The Logo

Designing a logo that represents "everything" your company stands for can be quite a task! And so we realized while designing the Psyft logo. After months of brainstorming and agonizing, we finally came up with a logo that managed to satisfy the stubborn creative in us. Our logo represents both our services & objectives. We love how the bulb gives an impression of an abstract sieve and the letter "P" at the same time. The lower part of the logo resembles a ladder, the handle of a sieve AND the base of a light bulb. Phew!

The logo conveys how we "sift" the best and how this can enlighten you - taking you to newer professional heights. And our tongue-in-cheek tagline highlights how people cannot always be assessed logically - it's our quirks that make us "human". At Psyft we try and apply creativity to almost everything we do. Our logo demonstrates just that.

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