Assessment and Development Centers

Make the best talent assessment decisions & fill in key performance gaps.

What is an Assessment & Development Center?

The term Assessment & Development Centre (ADC) does not refer to a physical place, instead it describes an approach. ADCs usually consist of a suite of exercises designed to assess a set of personal characteristics, with some developmental exercise designed around the possible deficit areas. The rationale behind ADCs is that if one wishes to predict future job performance, then the best way of doing this is to get the individual to carry out a set of tasks which closely simulate the activities carried out in the target job.

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The fact that a set of exercises are used, highlights one crucial aspect of an assessment centre - that it is actively elicited behaviour which is being objectively observed and assessed. This represents a significant departure from many traditional selection approaches which are rendered unfair and inaccurate by the subjective whims and biases of the selector and which in many cases produce a selection decision based on a freewheeling social interaction. ADCs will help you better understand your people, predict performance and achieve greater results.

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How can we help?

Our assessment and feedback tools deliver critical analysis that are vital for every
phase of the talent assessment and talent management:

Screening Potential Hires

Get the right people in the right roles. Find the perfect match. We empower people to achieve their potential and help people progress.

Training Needs Analysis

Gather knowledge on key areas where your employees might need training to boost performance. Boost self-awareness, identify talents, nurture skills, inspire learning and growth.

Succession Planning

Understand if your employees can handle challenges as they move up the organisational hierarchy.

Managing Hi-pos

Discover future star employees. Create a pool of high potential employees across levels in the organisation. Succession Planning

Our Solutions

We'll help you choose an Assessment & Development Center that meets your organizational needs -

Online Assessment Center

Online personality assessments that measure specific competencies - teamwork, sales orientation, emotional quotient etc.

Offline Assessment & Development Center

Comprehensive psychometric / behavioral programs conducted in an offline setting like - Role Plays, In Tray Exercises, etc.

Hybrid Assessment & Development Center

Online Personality assessment supported with certain workshops/programmes.

Whether it's about selecting right candidates or accelerating development of leaders,
we provide insights that make you take the best talent decisions.

Why Psyft?

Our team of assessors help measure how well an employee would contribute to the your business. We not only observe employee performance but also the nuances and non-verbal cues that reflect their behaviour and actions.


Highly Scientific & Objective Assessments


Elaborate Evaluation of behavioural traits, competencies, etc.


End to end support throughout the program.


Credible team of experts.

Conduct structured evaluations of candidates/employee behaviour, based on multiple assessment tools.