Employee Net Promoter Score


Everything you need to know about the Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

Employee Net Promoter Score

What is eNPS?

eNPS refers to "Employee Net Promoter Score". It is a method used by organisations to measure employee loyalty. eNPS measures the likelihood of an employee to be willing to recommend your organization as a place to work. It helps organisation gain an insight on what exactly do their employees like/don’t like about the organization. eNPS is a very simple, quick and easy tool to start with Employee Engagement at work.

How does it work?

Employees are asked one simple question
"On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend this organization as a good place to work"?

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The scores of employees are broken down into

0 to 6 - Detractors - These employees have major reservations about their role in the organisation. As a result, they actively divest themselves from their work. This disengagement greatly reduces performance hampers morale of others, and often, could create an unattractive image of the company to the public.
7 to 8 - Neutral - While not actively disengaged, these employees are still held back from applying their full-selves at work. They are less enthusiastic about their role etc.
9 to 10 - Promoters - Promoters are highly engaged with the organisation and their role. They approach work with energy, enthusiasm, and resilience. They take it upon themselves to go beyond expectations and to continuously improve how things are done.

You then

  • Add up the total number of responses.
  • Add up everyone that gave you either a 9 or 10 (promoters)
  • Add up everyone that gave you any score between 0-6 (detractors)
  • Subtract the percentage of detractors from promoters

What To Do With Your Score?

A big mistake that companies make is not following up after the survey is complete. It's vital to know why did your employees give you that score?
Ask what they like-
If an employee gives you a 9 or 10, you should ask them what about the company they enjoy the most (almost like a stay interview).
Ask what would make their experience better even better-
If an employee gives you 7 or 8, you should ask them what would make them more engaged at work.
Ask what could be improved-
If an employee gives you any score between 0-6, you should ask them what you could do to improve.

Benchmarking Analysis

Companies like to know where they stand in comparison to their competitors, and benchmarking allows for this to happen. Using benchmarks properly allows you to plan your game better. Benchmarking could be within your industry, and against both direct and indirect competitors. Companies with scores higher than their competitive set grow faster and are more successful.

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The eNPS is a great way to find out if your employees genuinely like the company they work for, which at the end of the day is a vital metric. It's relevance lies in the fact of how simple it is, which makes the participation rate incredibly high.

"Employee Net Promoter Score can serve as a basic pulse survey to measure employee engagement frequently"

Team Psyft

Garima Sharma
Team Psyft