Survey Based Interventions

At Psyft, we provide a wide range of Assessment & Survey Based Interventions. We can design and manage the whole process from scratch using either our own survey and assessment tools, or designing entirely new and organizationally relevant systems and exercises.

Briefing Session

A briefing session generally aims at sensitizing participants on the survey objective, vision and its benefits. Such sessions also help understand how to go about the whole exercise. A briefing session is generally based on the following lines:

Assessment Based Interventions
  • Pre-engagement – to understand the business & its vision and coach the management on whole process.
  • An introductory session for the participants, to sensitize the participants on the survey objective and its benefits, as a whole.
  • Help employees understand how the survey is to be completed (how to log-in & go about filling the questionnaire).
  • Typical duration for a briefing session is 1-2 hours.
  • Held prior to the survey implementation.

Debrief Session

Debrief sessions can happen in two ways:-

Presentation of Results

Presentation of the results derived to the top management, HR Team and other important stakeholders. Such a session includes:
  • Highlighting core findings,
  • Identifying key drivers of engagement
  • Recognize critical areas to be focused on, across demographics & dimensions covered.

Understanding the Report

Help employees understand & appreciate feedback. Such sessions are useful for the HR team and organisation’s leaders.

Action Planning

Action Planning is all about turning feedback into actionable results. We don't just offer a survey platform but also provide assistance to:

  • Identify & prioritize a strategy for future.
  • Recognize critical areas that need improvement.
  • Draft a plan to address pain areas.
  • Leverage on the strengths.
  • Adopt measures that bring change.
Assessment Based Interventions

Psyft team will help you understand what initiatives to take up and how to prioritize for future.

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