Assessment Based Interventions

Assessment Based Interventions

Both research & experience have repeatedly proved that that there is no substitute for objectively observing how people actually perform "on the job". Assessment aided intervention programs are perhaps the closest we can get to accurately assessing individuals both in individual and group settings for selection or development.

Training Needs Assessment / Analysis (TNA)

Our team of experts constantly works with clients to help turn feedback into results. We help them take meaningful action on the basis of the data we provide. What to measure, how to measure it and how to improve - we're there to help with everything. We help identify the exact pain areas and determine training needs accordingly. We facilitate interventions like Training Workshops, Coaching Sessions, Counseling Sessions, Feedback Evaluation etc.

Assessment and Development Centre (ADC)

The term Assessment & Development Centre (ADC) does not refer to a physical place, instead it describes an approach. ADCs usually consist of a suite of exercises designed to assess a set of personal characteristics, with some developmental exercise designed around the possible deficit areas. The rationale behind ADCs is that if one wishes to predict future job performance then the best way of doing this is to get the individual to carry out a set of tasks which closely simulate the activities carried out in the target job. Various combinations of these exercises and other assessment methods like psychometric testing and behavioural interviews are used to assess particular competencies in individuals.

The fact that a set of exercises is used, highlights one crucial aspect of an assessment centre - that it is actively elicited behaviour which is being objectively observed and assessed. This represents a significant departure from many traditional selection approaches which are rendered unfair and inaccurate by the subjective whims and biases of the selector and which in many cases produce a selection decision based on a freewheeling social interaction.

The particular competencies assessed in an ADC will depend upon the target job. There are numerous possible competencies and the ones which are relevant to a particular job are determined through job analysis.

Other Training Programs

We also offer training programs that can be customized as per needs and requirements of an organisation, these modules have been developed over the years and extend over a wide array of learning areas ranging from communication skills to stress management to leadership skills and many more. We assist organizations with unique training solutions that improve the skills and knowledge of their employees.

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The Psyft Difference

At Psyft, we provide a wide range of Assessment Based Interventions, from competency mapping to exercise design and the provision of psychometric testing. We can design and manage the whole process from scratch using either our own established procedures or assessment tools, or designing entirely new and organizationally relevant systems and exercises.

From the most basic role-neutral exercises to highly complex role-specific problem solving and decision making exercises for C-Level Executives, we apply highly robust psychometric rigour to every initiative to ensure accuracy & relevance.

For more information or a detailed proposal, We'll be happy to customize a program just for you.