High Employee Turnover

Startup Company

Case Study Employee Engagement Survey High Employee Turnover



This growth stage startup faced some serious retention issues with the fresh graduates they were hiring. Once they were fully trained, many decided to leave and join a larger organization. The company had no data or information to guide decisions about how to increase graduate engagement and them.


We quickly realized what the company needed was an avenue for staff to confidentially provide feedback both on the positive elements of the work experience and the pain areas that needed improvement. It was the right time to conduct an employee survey. Today it has become a yearly exercise and is at the heart of the company’s employee engagement initiatives.


In spite of staff numbers doubling, consistently high survey participation rates of between 80% and 91% have been achieved for the last three years. During that time engagement levels have increased from just over 50% to around 80%. But most importantly, employee turnover has fallen from over 50% to below 20%.