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Why Self-service General Survey Portals are not a Good Choice for Comprehensive Exercises like an Employee Engagement Survey (EES)

EES - The Psyft Advantage

  1. RISK OF SUB-OPTIMAL EXERCISE: Self-service General Survey Portals can end up being much more expensive than the price paid for the software platform. The real cost of conducting an Employee Engagement Survey is not the cost of the software platform, but the time that is invested by various stakeholders, including HR functionaries, top management. The more important elements in the exercise are planning, implementation and post-implementation events. Psyft ensures the time everyone spends in conducting of the survey is all put to best use and leads to meaningful conclusions and actionable inputs.
  2. ADVANTAGE OF INDEPENDENCE: Studies prove that to obtain honest and accurate feedback from employees, the EES should be conducted by an independent third-party. A large section of employees generally remain apprehensive of voicing their opinions freely in case of in-house surveys.
  3. CUSTOM DESIGNED SURVEYS: Each of our surveys is designed to meet the specific needs of the client. We invest time in understanding your business and make our suggestions in planning of the survey’s various facets rather than just providing the software platform.

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  4. ANONYMITY & CONFIDENTIALITY: Using a professional survey solution like Psyft can provide employees that much needed cloak of anonymity and confidentiality. This ensures the employees are able to provide genuine and unaffected feedback without any concerns.
  5. BETTER INFORMED EMPLOYEES: In case of many surveys, not all employees may appreciate the benefits of the exercise or may participate in correct spirit. Psyft minimises such problems by conducting a “briefing session” to sensitize employees to understand the purpose and scope of the survey and how it is to be completed (survey mechanics).
    EES - The Psyft Advantage
  6. FULL SERVICE SUPPORT BY THE ASSESSMENT TEAM: Our team would work with you directly, to understand your requirement, to plan your survey, to attend to technical aspects, collect confidential data, generate reports, etc. Leave the complicated work to us!
  7. ADVANCED REPORTING: Get the most advanced, comprehensive, real-time reporting for your organisation. Gain clarity on your employee engagement score and take advantage of our in-depth analysis to identify the drivers that will help you attract, hire and retain efficient & happy employees and improve employee productivity.
  8. INTERVENTIONS TO BRING ABOUT CHANGE: Receiving data is just the first step, how to leverage on the results is the next big question. Our team would facilitate interventions – training programs or other corrective measures that can be initiated by the organization in order to be able to create & sustain a more engaged, high performing work-place. Sometimes, the best motivators for employees may be non-monetary in nature. We help you turn your data into favourable results.

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