Efficient Hiring

A Chemical Manufacturing Company achieves the right “employee role fit”.

Case Study Psyft Personality Assessment (PPA) Efficient Hiring



The company needed a centralised, robust and predictive recruitment mechanism that:
• Is able to evaluate the personality and attitude of a large number of candidates across regions.
• Foresees a candidate’s potential to succeed in the specific role he/she has applied for
• Understand the alignment of the candidate with the company culture.
• Is able to assist in large scale hiring that was to take place across the globe.


We recommended PPA – Psyft Personality Assessment to be run for all potential hires. The test focused on softer aspects if individuals like -
• Conformity & Agreeableness,
• Self-Discipline,
• Reliability,
• Cooperation,
• Stress tolerance, etc


Incorporating the PPA proved beneficial for the company as they were able to zero down on candidates who were apt for a particular position and arrive at the right employee-role fit. It also made the whole process simpler, faster and cost efficient.