PPA - Its utility as a hiring tool


Psyft Personality Assessment & Its Utility as a Hiring Tool

Hiring decisions shouldn't always be based on gut instinct or first impressions - no matter how impressive. PPA helps determine an individual candidate’s unique preferences, temperament, potential behaviour patterns, etc. Thus, PPA offers great ROI (Return On Investment) to an organisation by helping reduce the potential hiring mistakes and having much better insights into a candidate.

PPA - Its utility as a hiring tool

PPA proves to be a helpful tool in:

  1. Ensuring an “Employee - Role” fit: Gain an insight on the personality traits of potential employees and extend your understanding of a candidate beyond what is mentioned in the resume. Every individual is different and demands of every job is also not the same. An employee in a right role with the right personality can sometimes be the deciding factor in success of the business. For example, while an introvert may be a genius, he/she may not be best suited for a sales or a business development role.
  2. Knowing the Learning Style: Each one of us is unique in the way we acquire knowledge. Understanding this helps the HR and immediate line managers customise the work environment for achieving maximum knowledge transfer. This helps an individual quickly adapt to the new work place, understand dynamics of the new job and start contributing towards the organizational goals. 
  3. Knowing the Interaction style: Identify if a particular individual gets along well with the peers, etc and if she/he is a ‘team player’ or not, etc.
  4. Knowing what to ask: The insights obtained from the psychometric assessment help interviewers efficiently use the time duration of the interview in asking the most relevant questions rather than asking questions which may not be most important or may already have been mentioned/addressed in the resume. In short, the PPA helps give a defined structure to the interview and helps save valuable time of senior interviewers.

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  5. Anticipating Stress Levels: Unravel one’s tendency to experience stress, anxiety, pressure & strain at work and otherwise. Identify how well an individual can handle stressful situations and thrive on them. This is especially important when hiring for high-octane positions.
  6. Observing the Leadership Style: For relatively senior positions, it is always useful to understand what is the natural style of leadership of the candidate. This helps HR make more informed decisions keeping in view the organisational framework and how the team of such senior recruit would respond.
  7. Understanding the Work Style: Understand whether an individual has a laid back or passive approach to work or is she/he a hard worker & a go getter!

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  8. Achieving an Employee – Culture Fit:  Findings of the PPA report of a candidate, plus the right questions by the interviewers, helps in knowing if the candidate will be able to smoothly and effectively integrate into the existing team and also with the organizational value system.
  9. Identify Conflict Facing Ability: Gauge how an individual would respond to a conflict situation at workplace with colleagues and external stakeholders like clients and vendors.
  10. Being Objective and free from bias: PPA is a professionally vetted, fully scientific tool, backed by statistical validation following top psychometric standards. It helps minimize subjectivity & inadvertent personal biases in the hiring process. can also match their findings with results of the PPA report to reduce chances of any candidate faking a particular behaviour and personality.

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